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Social Concerns

Chair: Rita Rodriguez | 219.793.4888


Volunteering/Participating in Social Concerns

Friends of St. Anthony

This social outreach group responds to those in need by offering assistance for such things as food, clothing, gas and shelter. The committee organizes, for example, the Christmas Giving Tree Project, collecting gifts for children in need.

Contact: Diana Kowalski at 317.374.4115

Pro-Life Committee

All life is precious, from the moment of conception to natural death. The Pro-Life Committee strives to educate parishioners on the Church’s position regarding abortion, contraceptives, marriage and natural family planning, reproduction technology, stem cells and cloning, assisted suicide and euthanasia, as well as capital punishment. The Pro-Life Committee also notifies the parishioners of events Archdiocese and parish wide among other area events that support the Pro-Life Movement.

For more information and to become active with the Pro-Life group, please contact: Rita Rodriguez 219.793.4888

Home Visitation Committee

This is a new committee forming to improve outreach to our homebound parishioners. These are people who are a part of our community and need to feel connected with the parish. Spending time with them visiting in their homes is one way to do God’s work.

Contact: Parish Office 317.745.4284